Who I Am

I came to Tampa as a teen on a talent scholarship to the University of Tampa, shortly after coming out as gay. I've thrived here, building a life with my partner Stephen and our Bengal cat, Takeo. As a proud Tampeño, I've worked as a music educator in Hillsborough County Public Schools, as an activist championing voting rights, and as a Learning and Development Consultant.

I'm running now to protect this home I've come to love. Our community is vibrant, but it's under attack — rent and insurance on the rise, our schools running out of money, our roads in disarray. For too long, we've seen a lot of growth for the area but not enough of it trickling down to us, while Tallahassee picks away at home rule. Enough is enough.

This is my home. You are my neighbors. And you deserve more than a seat filler.

You deserve a fighter.

The Housing Crisis

  • Fight to restore home rule so Tampa Bay can craft unique solutions to address housing affordability

  • Call on the governor to declare a housing state of emergency, highlighting the urgency of the affordable housing crisis

  • Safeguard the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund, ensuring that it remains dedicated to affordable housing

  • Establish a state-funded program offering one-time grants to assist Tampa Bay residents with mortgage loans, homeowners insurance, or auto insurance payments

  • Introduce reforms to limit claim denials, mandate rate reductions, and prioritize consumer protection in the insurance industry

  • Ensure a fair and transparent process for resolving disputes and protecting homeowners from unjust premium hikes, requiring insurers to participate in mediation when policyholders dispute their claims

  • Collaborate with state officials to reform insurance regulations

Our (Reproductive) Rights

  • Roll back Florida's restrictive abortion bans, including the recently signed six-week ban and the existing 15-week ban

  • Ensure that individuals are not criminalized for making personal reproductive choices, fostering an environment of understanding and support

  • Champion legislation to safeguard the right to self-managed abortion, recognizing the importance of personal autonomy and healthcare choices.

  • Protect those who choose to end their pregnancies at home, embracing diverse methods, including the use of abortion pills.

  • Work alongside fellow lawmakers to create a legal framework that respects reproductive freedom and upholds the right to make personal health decisions without fear of criminalization.

  • Address current laws that impose third-degree felony charges for participating in or performing abortions after 15 weeks.

  • Emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach to reproductive health that prioritizes inclusivity, education, and healthcare access.

  • Commit to a forward-thinking approach that places individuals at the center of their reproductive health decisions, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all Floridians

  • Support enshrining the right to reproductive care in the state constitution.

Safeguard Our Schools

  • Increase funding for teacher salaries, classroom resources, and school infrastructure

  • Reduce class sizes to ensure personalized attention for students and foster a more conducive learning environment

  • Enhance education through after-school programs, vocational training, and technology integration in classrooms

  • Enact policies to shield academic institutions from external pressures, preserving their autonomy against political interference

  • Implement transparent experience-based processes for leadership appointments, preventing cronyism

  • Reject legislative actions targeting academic frameworks, ensuring educators can freely discuss diverse perspectives

  • Address teacher shortages and enhance morale through competitive salary structures and professional development opportunities

  • Implement clear guidelines for curriculum content, ensuring transparency and avoiding misinterpretations that lead to book removals

  • Promote an inclusive curriculum that respects academic freedom while meeting educational standards